• Jannik Sinner
    by Pigna

    JANNIK SINNER, pure tennis talent, a career destined for great success. Pigna contributes to telling the story, with a collection entirely dedicated to one of the best players in the world.

  • Copybooks

    Learn, dream, tell, grow, have fun, express yourself. The important thing is to do it in color, in the company of the Monocromo collections by Pigna.

  • Pastel

    An elegant and romantic touch, yet full of character. Browse all the more delicate shades in the Monocromo Pastel color palette.

  • Green

    Discover all the colors of sustainability and tell a colorful future with the Monocromo Green collections by Pigna in 100% recycled paper.

  • Monocromo Diaries

    Discover the new Monocromo #Mood diary 12 months fixed date. Each day different and full of surprises.

  • Astucci

    Ideas waiting to take shape, emotions to express, dreams ready to become true.
    In the Monocromo cases there is room for everything!

  • friend of colors

    From school to free time, what matters is to give a unique nuance to your daily adventures in the company of Monochrome backpacks

  • Pigna Classic

    Space for back to school and back to work that interpret the most current inspirations and trends, in the company of the Pigna Classic collections.

  • Back 2 School

    Pigna Classic is the new Pigna Classic! Several collections in continuous evolution, designed for those who learn, grow, dream, and for those who have never quit doing it.

  • Parole o Stili

    It's time to redefine the style with which to be online and spread the positive virus of "I choose words with care" with the Parole O_Stili collection in collaboration with Pigna

  • Flowers

    Romantic and timeless, the Pigna Flowers collections look like colorful bouquets that bloom every season, page after page.

  • Romantico

    Pigna Flowers is a world full of life that blooms in every corner. A genuine tribute to the greatest teacher of creativity: Mother Nature.

  • Intramontabile

    Between authentic colors and accurate details inspired by the most imaginative natural compositions, the refined Pigna Flowers collections never stop blooming

  • Olimpia Zagnoli

    The illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli interprets the Italian style with soft shapes and chameleon-like colors, drawing two fancy, curious and irresistible characters…

  • Gio Ponti

    Hypnotic fantasy and mathematical rigor. A collection dedicated to the great architect of beauty who brought the decoration of the ideal Italian home all over the world.

  • Bella Copia

    Between lines and colors, a hymn to the more relaxed, playful, and joyful Dolce Vita that since 1952 tells the inimitable idea of the well-made in Italy.

  • Enzo Mari

    In search of the pure forms of nature through the essential and democratic approach of one of the greatest Italian artists and designers.

  • Lettera 22

    Much more than just a typewriter. A tribute to the modern icon with which Olivetti has allowed millions of people to work and write with a real portable office.

  • Nero Oriente

    The notebook that has been used for generations since 1948 is back. A bridge between worlds, a milestone in our tradition, now revised with a touch of irony.